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Bogati Bodega & Winery was founded in 2010 by the Bogaty family of Veramar Vineyard renown. After making a trip to Argentina, we were inspired to make South-American-style wines with a Virginian twist.

Inspired by the culture and the wines of Argentina, Bogati Winery is designed to provide guests a welcome respite from the everyday, with hand-crafted Virginia wine. Guests enjoy internationally-styled wine in our chic tasting room, located in a repurposed apple warehouse.

As seductive as the tango, Bogati Winery captures the energy and the passion of winemaking regions all over the world. Choose our flight tastings to sample Bogaty-family wines made in a range of styles, from innovative New-World processes to classic styles of France and Italy.

The passion of Argentina is captured in each glass of Bogati Winery wine. With production of 36,000 bottles annually, Bogati is large enough to be accommodating but small enough capture the essence of truly hand-crafted wine.


Telephone: (540) 338-1144