612 Vineyard

/612 Vineyard

Our petit vineyard is nestled up against the northwest side of the Blue Ridge Mountains in beautiful Clarke County. We feature wonderfully Enticing Wines – from a lightly sweet Rose to a dry velvety Chambourcin, and everything in between. We ask you to come and visit and Unwind your Attitude as you take in our Relaxing Views of the surrounding farmlands and the Blue Ridge mountains. Visit with your friends and family to reconnect with your Kindred Spirits. We feature a 75 ft long scenic view porch, a comfortable patio with plenty of seating, or you can choose to relax in our tasting room that is cozy and cool in the summer, and during inclement weather, spend some time in our tasting room around one of our two fireplaces.

In 2014, we will open our remote barn style sitting area, which is a short hike from our tasting room. . In our vineyard gift shop you can find an array of wine related items, as well as works from various artists. We also feature artists’ works on the gallery walls of our tasting room.


Telephone: (540) 535-6689