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Surrounded by beautiful views and opulent scenery, Virginia as a wine destination is incomparable to any other. Boasting more than 3300 acres of fruit and 231 farm wineries, and having been named by Wine Enthusiast Magazine, in 2012, one of the top 10 best travel destinations, Virginia is commanding more attention. Virginia wine country offers visitors unique experiences that can not be found anywhere else, such as biking from winery to winery, kayaking to a winery or simply relaxing at a winery as you listen to a live band performance. From the spectacular Blue Ridge Mountains to the waters of the Chesapeake Bay, the state is dotted with wineries in every region, many offering events throughout the year.

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Twin Oaks Tavern Winery

Twin Oaks Tavern Winery, with its panoramic views of the Shenandoah Valley, is located at 1150 ft in the Bear’s Den Historic District and started its life in 1910 as a country inn- a respite for city …<more>

Turk Mountain Vineyards

Access to the winery is not practical for public use. With 5 Acres planted in reds (Petit Verdot, Cab. Franc, Merlot Malbec and Tannat) ?<more>

Valerie Hill Vineyard & Winery

Valerie Hill Vineyard & Winery is a family owned and operated farm winery born from our commitment to preserve the rural beauty …<more>

Valhalla Vineyards

One of Virginia?s most scenic wineries, perched on
a 2000 ft. mountain overlooking the Roanoke Valley. Our wines are …<more>

Vault Field Vineyards

Vault Field Vineyards is located on historic Vault Field Farm near the town of Kinsale, in the heart of Virginia?s Northern Neck. Our wines …<more>

Veramar Vineyard

Escape from the city to the quiet elegance of Veramar Vineyard, 100-acre private estate in the heart of Virginia?s wine country. Sip award ?<more>

Veritas Vineyard & Winery

“Explore Nelson County Wines”. We invite you to take part in the essence of Virginia. Visit our vineyard, see how we grow grapes, how …<more>

Villa Appalaccia Winery

Villa Appalaccia is one of the more unique of the Virginia wineries. A Virginia TAR HEEL winery and we are the only one in Virginia featuring wines ?<more>

Village Winery

We are a small farm winery. All of our wines are crafted entirely by hand to preserve the subtle flavors of the grape varieties and are aged …<more>

Vincent’s Vineyard

Vincent’s Vineyard is a small farm winery located in Lebanon, Virginia. Owners are Vincent & Betsy Gilmer. 3 1/2 acres under vine produces 17 tons of grapes per year. Wines are; Cabernet Franc, …<more>

Vint Hill Craft Winery

You are the Winemaker! Choose to make wine with us as it is crafted to your specifications, in your style with your name, a label of your design and of course, your story behind …<more>

Virginia Mountain Vineyards

At Virginia Mountain Vineyards you can forget about the present and enjoy the picturesque mountain views visible on top of Zion Hill. Surrounded by ?<more>

Wolf Gap Vineyard and Winery

A boutique winery perched on a ridge that overlooks the Shenandoah Valley and the Great North Mountains beyond. We specialize in bold, Bordeaux-style reds but also produce a variety of great dry white …<more>

Winery Name

Another Virginia Winery Coming Soon<more>

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