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Welcome To Our Wine Review Page!

Our goal is to review Virginia wines that are available to site visitors. Most of the wines we review are specifically hand picked and purchased by our staff, others are supplied by the wineries for purpose of review. We provide honest reviews and disclose when the wines are a complimentary sample.

SAMPLES – If you are interested in providing wine, wine books, or other wine-related products for review, please email us at vines@vinesofvirginia.com. Please see our Sample Policy here.

Pollak Vineyards

Pollak Vineyards

Pollak Vineyards Viognier 2015 // Grabbed this one at a quaint little local grocery store in Carytown, VA. Beautiful tree fruit and melon notes, citrus – mostly, tangerine/lemon, faint background hints of carmel and a touch of oil. This one has a nice kick of acidity – which, I happen to enjoy in a Viognier. If you are not familiar with Viognier’s I would suggest tasting through a few different ones, you might be surprised at what you find.

Stone Tower Winery

Stone Tower Winery

Stone Tower Winery Wild Boar (CA) Rosé Cuvée Sparking Wine ($36) // Ripe strawberries on the nose. Crisp with notes of fresh strawberries, tart cherries. Long fruit finish with a bit of herbaceous notes, slight undertones of citrus peel and slate.

Rosés can be enjoyed anytime of the year but as the weather warms history reveals that they become more popular. This Rosé has an excellent color (salmon), and is quite tasty – however, the price point certainly pinches the pocket.

If you don’t mind the money you can grab a bottle from #vawine‘ s Stone Tower Winery in Loudon County, VA.

North Gate Vineyards

North Gate Vineyard

North Gate Vineyard Merlot 2013 // Lovely black fruits & new leather on the nose. Dark and red fruits, mild spices, cedar, hints of chocolate and vanilla. Finishes with soften tannins and herbs
North Gate wines are sold in thier tasting room and at restaurants and shops throughout Virginia. If you have an opportunity, I would definitely recommend stopping in to pay them a visit… tell’em Vines of Virginia sent you. Cheers!

Rosemont Vineyards

Rosemont Vineyards

Rosemont of Virginia Vineyards & Winery Cabernet Franc 2013 // Bright strawberry and cocoa on the nose. Smooth caramel and notes of both black and red fruits accented by leathery nuances that pleasantly permeate the palate. This nicely balanced wine is delicate and the finish provides a hint of bell pepper with lasting graceful tannins. Loved It!

Virginia wines are up and coming, and if you haven’t tried a Virginia Cab Franc, this one is a fantastic start for $22.

From the Winery: A favorite among wineries in Virginia, Cabernet Franc is a grape that really showcases Virginia climate and soil conditions that are optimal for growing a spicy, fruit forward Cabernet.

Michael Shaps Wireworks

Michael Shaps Wireworks

Maison Shaps Crémant de Bourgogne (product of France) // Notes of yeast and ripe stone fruits on the nose. Smooth and velvety in texture, offering bright nectarine, pear and, tart apricot with bitter citrus zest. This crisp wine is ripe and full on the palate; very complex. ($35)

From the winemaker (Virginia Wineworks/Michael Shaps Wines): A unique blend of all of the Burgundian varietals, Chardonnay, Aligote, Pinot Noir and Gamay, produced in classic Champenoise method.

Brut – Meaning “dry, raw, unrefined” in French, the Brut style of Champagne tastes quite dry on the palate with sugar levels running in the less than 15 grams per liter range (1.5% sugar).

I enjoyed this wine with fried tilapia and perch; it is a perfect pairing for fried fish. Don’t be afraid of the bubbles, they make a great addition to any occasion or none at all.

Jefferson Vineyards

Jefferson Vineyards

Jefferson Vineyards Chardonnay Reserve 2012 // A bit of mineralogy and vanilla presents on the nose. This Chard has great texture and is crisp and clean with notes of pear, meyer lemon, oak and saline. The buttery notes on this one are very restrained allowing the fruit and tart acidity to shine through. Well balanced and finishing with lasting gentle tannins, this one definitely left us longing for another bottle.

We cellared this wine for a few years after originally tasting it in the winery’s tasting room. This wine softened around the edges but didn’t lose any of its vibrancy. We can’t wait to try the 2015, currently available.

Trump Winery

Trump Winery

Trump Winery Reserve Sparking Wine 2008 // Fresh green apples on the nose. Beautiful notes of baked apples, honey and caramel. This dry wine is complex with an enjoyable amount of acid and long finish.

From the Winemaker: This sparkling wine is crafted from our best blocks of 100% estate grown Chardonnay and is aged for an extended period of 5+ years on the yeast for additional depth of flavor and mouth feel.

I initially tasted this wine while participating in a Virginia Wine Chat session. This wine sips well by itself but I recommend pairing it with a light seafood and pasta dish or grilled veggies for a perfect meal. It also makes a perfect foundation for a fantastic tasting mimosa when a good quality orange juice is added.

At a $50pp this one might be one to reserve for that special occasion; as I did (noted by the tattered label). But, it makes a perfect delicious addition to any special celebration.

New Kent Winery

New Kent Winery

New Kent Winery Vidal Blanc 2013 ($22) // Aromas of tree and stone fruits.  Juicy pineapple, white peach, subtle hint of toasted almond and bright grapefruit aromas. Faintly sweet, but not off-putting.

Vidal Blanc has been a fundamental part of the winery since 2008 and is produced from a 100% Vidal grapes. In the category of porch wines, (lighter wine more summery, with lighter fruit flavors) New Kent’s Vidal Blanc is amongst those at the top in Virginia. The wine is also one of the most popular among the female guest at the winery.

While this wine does well on its own, its subdued sweetness provides wonderful versatility for enjoying with lighter summer and warm weather faire.



Chester Gap Cellars

Chester Gap Cellars Viognier (“vee-own-yay”) Reserve 2013 ($24) // 100% Viognier. Straw yellow, vibrant tropical and lush peach with fresh citrus and lovely floral notes, long lasting spiced finish. Alc 14.1%

I am a fan of Virginia Viognier’s and I found this one very drinkable. There are many different types of Viognier and whether you enjoy this one will depend on what type you favor.

Pair this one with shellfish, creamy sauces or creamy cheeses.

Known for it’s honeysuckle, apricot, peach, and tropical fruit characteristics, Viognier is a wine can also offer secondary oily and creamy notes. It’s a fruity wine, but do not be confused, it is not sweet.

Viognier is the fifth most planted grape variety in Virginia with 259 bearing acres under vine (and 82 non-bearing acres).  About 80 Virginia wineries offer a Viognier.

Greenville Winery

Greenville Winery & Vineyards

Greenhill Vineyard & Winery Blanc de Blanc 2013  ($39) // 100% Chardonnay. Beautiful notes of green apple, pear and some minerality. Creamy texture and nice structure. Refreshing and crisp with pinpoint bubbles. Mildly tart well balanced lasting finish. Greenhill Winery & Vineyard’s 2013 Blanc de Blancs sparkling wine was be included in the “Everyone Wins” Nominee Gift Bags at this year’s Academy Awards ceremony on Feb. 2016.

The price point certainly pinches the pocket a bit, but for some really nice bubbles, we certainly recommend giving this one a try.

Greenville Winery

Barboursville Vineyards

Barboursville Vineyards Viognier 2014 ($21.99) // Beautiful fragrances of orange blossom and pear. Rich creamy mouth feel with notes of peach, apple and hints of citrus and minerals. I didn’t really pick up the pear the tasting notes the winery website suggests. Subtle oak and herbs present in the medium-length finish. This wine is vibrant, nicely balanced and demonstrates what a great Viognier from Virginia taste like. The 2014 Viognier Reserve is dry, unoaked and comes in at 13% alcohol. 

This highly awarded Viognier is fantastic bargain at the current price point.

The Wine Advocate: 90 points
Atlantic Seaboard Competition 2014: Gold Medal
Riverside International Competition 2014: Gold Medal
Beverage Testing Institute Chicago 2014: Gold Medal

Veritas Vineyards

Veritas Vineyards

Veritas Vineyard Rose 2015  ($18) // Bright red fruits and gentle florals on the nose, predominantly cherry and raspberries.  Moderate acidity. Notes of red ripe cherries, strawberry, and subtle hints of pink grapefruit and oil. Lasting dry finish

This wine is crisp and clean. Made from Cabernet Franc and Merlot the wine is refreshing and very versatile when paired with a variety of foods. Some wines simply make you smile on a nice hot summer day on the patio, this is that wine.

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