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Virginia’s wine country is a pastoral beauty that expands from the magnificent Blue Ridge Mountains.

Horseback riding, kayaking or biking to wineries are only some of the amazing experiences you will find in Virginia wine region.

Virginia wines are competing with wines in some of the most popular regions around the world.

No matter what part of  the state you visit, Virginia wine festivals are playing host to thousands of wine lovers almost every month of the year. Wine festivals offer a an amazing opportunity to for attendees to experience wines from all across the region.


The Terroir

The landscape of Virginia offers an array of various characteristics revealed in its wines. From the recognizable to the unique, the wines produced in Virginia echo the region within the state from which the vines were cultivated.

About Virginia

Check out the region and learn what makes it unique to any other wine region in the country. There are hundreds of wineries and vineyards all across Virginia to visit and explore. While on your exploration for the wines, take a bit of time to experience the amazing local oysters, and some of the best restaurants in the country – indulging the upcoming fusion food scene – featuring cuisine of all types.

Virginia Wines

Virginia wine includes some of the most amazing varietals, each indicative of the regions best. The regions winery’s and vineyards attract locals and visitors alike from all across the country with their festivals, tasting, and individually unique wine experiences. Virginia feature wine is Viognier and while it has taken years for wine lovers to warm up to Virginia’s style, the wine continues to become more popular with each bottle curated.

The Signature Grape of Virginia

      In 1990, Viognier’s popularity began to emerge. In May of 2011, the Virginia Wine Board approved the marketing of Viognier as “Virginia’s signature grape”. Today there are 78 wineries sprinkled throughout the state that produce this varietal.

Virginia Viognier

The wines flavors are typically noted as tropical fruit with the standouts being of peach, apple and apricot. White floral flavors, citrus, baking spices and beeswax or mineral is also common. Acidity in the wines is present and the range can vary dramatically depending on the vineyard and the winemaking process.



The Virginia region is rich in oysters – largest producer of fresh, farm-raised oysters on the East Coast – and wine and there is no better time to experience the perfect pairing of Virginia Wine & Virginia Seafood. Throughout the region visitors and locals alike can treat ones self  to wine tastings, water tours, and delicious fresh seafood. Make plans to indulge! Learn More…

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